White n black

This one goes into my “perfect” folder. Two hot men, especially Max, one gorgeous cock, and a pounding, but passionate, fuck. It’s so rare to hear that wonderful clapping sound of a top’s body banging off a bottom, but Max goes deep in early and stays there. I’d rate this highly just for the sound track. The bottom’s very good, too. He takes all of that big cock and is moaning in pleasure, not acting like he’s being stabbed.

Phoenix Fellington & Franco Nunez

Hot Gentle fucking between to great studs. Two sexy men going at it. This video is gold. It’s gold because Mr. Top has a thick chunky supercock that just stays hard and pulverizes that great Bottom’s pussy. Softens him up. I wish it was me getting fiction from that strong dick. This video is special also because he fucked that asspussy for a long time. Long time. And rather than doing the bullshit move of jerking it to cum, he did what is proper. He came in that ass. He pulled out so we can see, but he let the pussy make the cum.