White n black

This one goes into my “perfect” folder. Two hot men, especially Max, one gorgeous cock, and a pounding, but passionate, fuck. It’s so rare to hear that wonderful clapping sound of a top’s body banging off a bottom, but Max goes deep in early and stays there. I’d rate this highly just for the sound track. The bottom’s very good, too. He takes all of that big cock and is moaning in pleasure, not acting like he’s being stabbed.

Brandon and Carter

This one is unique. Two very cute young guys who can talk while having sex and not sound stupid. It’s very realistic and sexy and flirtatious, and they seem very into each other (and why not – they’re gorgeous). The bottom even shoots twice, and both times with impressive volume and distance. So hot.

Max Adonis & Ty Mitchell

Oh man, juicy fucking load. Delicious! Damn I want to have a hot 3-way with these 2 hot stud great pairing awesome chemistry still think they might be partners/lovers away from work. Want to see Ty fuck Max so bad he had the hard thick cock to fuck his tight as shot 3 loads of my own hot thick tasty cum Max loved him using his hot thick cum to put on Ty’s cock to jack off with but, wish he would had sucked with his own cum on Ty’s cock doing a hot Snow Balling cum shot sucking & swallowing every drop of his hot cum dripping.